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Tenerife Fishing Trips
Marina San Miguel, SAN MIGUEL DE ABONA
Ceny od  75.00€


- 4 hours trip fishing
The 4 hours trip fishing is designed as much for beginners fishermen, children or adults as it is for professional fishermen. The 4 hours trip takes place as follows: we begin in the bay at the time previously agreed upon and we start be mounting the tackle for big game fishing. We fish by trolling (big game fishing) continuously changing baits (lures). Our aim are big fish for a period of approximately 2 hours respectively Dorado, Wahoo, Albacore, Big Eye, Yellow Fin and possibly giant Blue Fin tunas, also Big Blue Marlin. After about 2 hours we anchor the boat near the coast a distance of approximately 2 miles and we fish at depth (bottom fishing) targeting depths between 30 and 50 meters. With this type of fishing one can catch many species of small fish but also fish ranging from stingray or shark. Bottom fishing will take about 1 hour, 1 hour and a half, and then we will continue with trolling near the coast, targeting barracuda or other species of predator fish. This will include drinks, fruit, cakes and transportation from the hotel and back to the hotel.
- Full day of fishing
A full day of fishing is for amateur and professional fishermen who want to enjoy more comfortable stay on the Atlantic. Departure is from San Miguel Marina at the specified time and we begin by mounting trolling tackle. We fish by trolling (big game fishing) for about 4 hours covering all major fish species in the Atlantic: Dorado, Wahoo, Albacore, Big Eye, Yellow Fin and possibly Blue Fin Tunas giant, and Big Blue Marlin. After this time depending on wind and tide we will fish with anchor the boat and we will fish with both live bait and dead or artificial bait. Fishing opportunities are many so at the request of fishermen we will fish with: spinning, jigging, bottom fishing and we assure you that our goal is the same as yours to catch fish. We will also target large species of stingrays and sharks. Returning to the port we will be fishing by trolling and this time targeting species of fish that live near the coast in rocky undersea landscape. This will include drinks, fruit, sandwiches, transportation to the hotel and back to the hotel.
- 7h Shark Fishing
This trip is different from the other ones for the simple reason that we use new techniques to attract sharks. Bait mixes and crew experience will enable you to capture sharks. Up to places marked by us as possible shark fishing spots we will fish by trolling so the chances that you will enjoy a catch will increase considerably. The equipment used by us to identify populated areas and to catch sharks is the newest 3D Humminbird Fishfinder recall and Downrigger Digitroll T10.
We do not promise that you will catch fish because any fisherman knows what does catching fish mean but in return we can promise that we strive to have the best results and to catch as much as possible. Do not forget! You must be present on the boat, catching fish is our job. Includes: Beverage, fruit, cakes, and transportation from the hotel and back to the hotel.Shark Fishing
- Private Charter
This is the opportunity to fishing with family or friends if you do not want to go together with other customers. Choosing boat only for yourself and you be only with your family or friends. Fishing takes place at the request of clients so there is no right or wrong way to spend the day. You tell us how you want to fish and we will provide all the necessary support. Minimum time is 3 hours and will be charged based on time not depending on the number of clients. Maximum of clients that can be on the boat is 6. Includes: Beverage, fruit, cakes, transport from the hotel and back to the hotel.

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